In 2012 I started studying Drama and Performance at the University of Portsmouth. The three years I spent at Portsmouth shaped me into the actor I am today, and not only that, the man I am today. It was such a privilege being surrounded by a group of fellow minded actors, who were all there as a collective to develop further. I had so many great experiences and performed in some truly incredible shows. Shout-out to Plugged in Theatre and Them & They Theatre, the two theatre companies I worked with whilst being in Portsmouth.

I also had my first opportunity to feature on screen rather than on stage. I hosted the CCiTV programme Eye on Portsmouth – which some episodes are still aired today on the Big Screen in Portsmouth. I also starred in various student films, which was a great experience early on in my career. I ended my journey in Portsmouth with being awarded the Graduation speech, in which can be view on YouTube.

Upon graduation I knew I wanted to branch out into the industry and get stuck in, but I felt I needed to develop myself further which led me to be accepted on the year Postgraduate Acting course at The Bridge Theatre Training Company. Again, another wonderful year developing my skills on the screen and stage. My journey ended with a successful run of David Edgar's Pentecost, as Father Bojovic, at The Cockpit Theatre,


People always ask me why I became an actor, what made me want to be an actor?

It all started for me when I was very young. My parents took me, my brother and twin sister to the theatre and I can remember sitting there in the audience looking around in awe of the theatre. It was fascinating and that’s when my parents suggested we all go along to the local pantomime auditions if we wanted to take part. Through my younger years I was always an avid footballer, so I never paid too much attention to anything else, except football and Newcastle United.

It wasn’t until I was studying Drama for GCSE at school, I realised I might have overlooked my acting ability. I remember my late drama teacher Mrs Jane Levan telling me not to waste this gift and to take my studies further after leaving school.

I then started Wiltshire College in 2008 studying Performing Arts – which was a great experience, being part of a company that had the chance to perform at our local theatre on many occasions, as well as having the chance to tour our own devised piece of theatre around theatres in Wiltshire.  Again I was encouraged by my tutor Dominic McDonald to take my studies further and develop my skills at University.

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